crafty home

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been in my flat – it’s crazy to think that my 2-year-long lease is almost near its end, when I had just moved in it felt as if I had signed a contract for all eternity! It’s become a real home in the meantime, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that there won’t be any problems with extending the lease. So, I thought it was about time I showed you some of the crafty details in My Home.

Probably my absolutely most favouritest thing in the apartment is this handmade crochet carpet by my friend Johanna. I was visiting her at home one Sunday and as she was showing me around her studio my eyes fell on this beauty. It came home with me that very same day.

Of course, my own works in progress are strewn across the apartment as well… This blanket is still on hold while I try to locate the right yarn for it, in the meantime it’s quite a cute decoration though…

Another thing omnipresent is memories from my travels, mostly in the form of postcards and photos. I nicked this simple idea for hanging things up from Pinterest.

Another Pinterest idea was collecting frames of different shapes and then painting them all one colour and displaying them together.

While I was at it I also painted some letters. Just for fun :) Paint is a bit dangerous, once you’ve got the brush in your hand you get the urge to paint EVERYTHING. :D

And finally, how could I skip showing you my crafting corner? :) It’s the first time I have one and I luuuurve it :) Though I do have to admit I end up working at my kitchen table much more often, I guess that’s just how things go…

My “custom yarn shelf” is two IKEA dvd towers stacked next to each other. On top of it are a makeshift yarn bowl (a Chinese rice bowl with a hole for chopsticks!), and an old swift which a friend inherited from her grandmother (I have a ball winder, she has a swift, and the two often migrate between our houses). The chair cover was sewn for me by another friend, and the fabric samples in embroidery hoops were yet another Pinterest idea…

I love my little nest! :) And now I’m off to go clean it, I have some guests arriving later in the week.. :)