my knitting set-up

Friends, I am in full swing! After months of toing and froing, trying to cast things on but not having the right yarn or the right needles, or finding the pattern too fiddly, I have finally found THE project to get me back into knitting. When I started working on it, the magic just happened. The yarn, the pattern, the needles, the rhythm, they just clicked all of a sudden. I almost wept. It was in that moment that I realised how dearly I had missed it all.

So the last few days I have been working feverishly on it whenever I get the chance, I have been daydreaming about working on it while at (actual real-life) work, I have even been stopping myself from working on it too much so that it wouldn’t go by so quickly. Oh, familiar feelings, how much I missed you!

Here is my knitting set-up.

The yarn – still in its paper bag from the shop (a wonderful new shop I discovered in Brussels, I hope to take some photos next time I’m there), I keep it close by so I can reach for a new ball easily – this is thick yarn and I am knitting like a mad woman, so I am reaching into that bag quite often!

The pattern – it’s this one, and I’ll write more about it when I’m finished. I always print my patterns so I can carry them around easily and scribble my notes on them when I need to.

The row counter – I held out for a long time before finally buying this nifty little gadget, but now I can’t imagine my life without it. I have tried many different ways of counting rows, but they would all eventually lead to situations of head-scratching and saying “Hmmm, did I mark that last row or not..?” Somehow, with this one, it doesn’t happen. And it makes a pleasing little sound whenever you click for a new row – total bonus! ;)

The flowers – just because. :)



This baby pullover was probably the last project which I finished before my long knitting-free hiatus. But it should be made clear from the start that the one had nothing to do with the other. I wouldn’t want you to conclude that this project had been so horrible as to put me off knitting! Quite the contrary, in fact! This was a quick, easy and addictive project, and I am super happy with the result.

Like with some previous baby sweaters, I had to shorten the sleeves because I was running out of yarn. But I think it will work quite well like this!

I just looooove the cables.

Let’s have another look in black and white…


Pattern: Dunes by Justyna Lorkowska
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Baby Merino

6 months later…

…and I’ve been shocking my friends lately by telling them that I haven’t picked up the needles in 6 months. There have been gasps of astonishment in reaction to this, even from my non-knitting friends, which only goes to show how much they associate knitting with the essence of me. But so it goes, in ebbs and flows, and I don’t stress much. I knew all along that knitting would come back when it needed to. And indeed lately my fingers have been itching. Especially after I finally shipped off two baby sweaters, which had been finished before the long break, but never got around to being delivered.

In the end they were just in time for the birthdays of two babies. And experiencing the thrill of well-received hand-knits again has made me excited to pick up the needles again!