ten days’ worth

Here is ten days’ worth of my Cobblestone. Not bad, if I say so myself.

(Sorry for the blurry photo, ’tis the season when I’m never home during daylight.)

At first it was quite a boring knit (round and round and round we go…) but it turned out to be just the thing I needed for these last ten days. It’s perfect to knit on while chatting to family over skype, while lying in a hotel bed completely braindead from work, while sitting on the plane eagerly waiting to get home.

Speaking of planes, while I usually prefer to avoid risk and simply stuff my knitting in the checked-in luggage, this time I decided to consult with the airport staff first. It being a Swedish airport, I figured they’d be quite familiar with knitting and wouldn’t make a crazy face at me. I was correct. The lady at the check-in kindly referred me to her colleague who knew more on the topic, and she told me it would be fine as long as I pointed it out to the security officers. So when I came to security, I took one plastic basket for my laptop and one for my knitting. :) Of course, none of the people would tell me that they were 100% sure I could take it on (no one ever will, as it always depends on the person sitting behind the scanning machine), but everyone was very kind and warm, which made me confident enough to take the risk of potentially losing my needles. So there’s one good airport experience for you. :)

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About fridica

I started knitting completely by accident, when I was visiting my parents for a holiday in 2008. On a boring Sunday afternoon, I decided to dig through their stash of books to see if there was anything interesting to take back to my apartment. A knitting manual happened to be one of the books I found. I got curious, my mom immediately dug out her old needles and yarn stash (which she hadn’t used in a decade at least), and in a few minutes we were both casting on - she by memory, I by following the instructions from the book… :) Since I normally prefer learning from books, this was ideal.. I took the book home with me, and very very soon - I was an addict.

2 thoughts on “ten days’ worth

  1. Glad you had a good experience at the airport! I’ve never had a bad one, but I haven’t tried to fly internationally with knitting, so my experience is limited. Looks like great progress on that gorgeous sweater!

  2. that’s a lot of knitting! i was ok with my needles on european and intercontinental flights, but they got confiscated at the american embassy in florence – go figure.

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