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I’m really happy this topic came up in the Blog Week. It’s cause I have a confession to make. I feel guilty if I knit while it’s light outside.

Ok, are you done laughing? :) Well, it’s true. Even though it’s what I’m daydreaming about at most points in the day, I consider knitting only a hobby, a pleasure, a pastime. Something to do outside of ‘working hours’. In the evenings. But here’s the even funnier thing. I’m currently working as a freelancer. That means that I get to shape my own schedule for each day. I don’t have to work 9 to 5. I could knit 9 to 5 and work 5 to midnight. But I still feel guilty knitting before sunset. Being a freelancer also means that some weeks I’m working from 9am to midnight. And some weeks there is absolutely nothing to do. But, even on those latter weeks, I still feel guilty knitting before sunset. I guess it’s kind of like Sundays. Even if you’re on vacation and every day is the same, Sundays are still somehow ‘ugh’, ‘blue’ and ‘Sundayish’.

So that’s the majority of my knitting time – when it’s dark. When the working day is somehow officially over according to my crazy little brain. But here’s another confession – I knit in breaks from work too. Despite the feeling of guilt. It’s the guilty pleasures that are the best sometimes, isn’t it? ;)