i hate sewing on buttons

…but I got down to it last night and afterwards thought to myself contentedly: “Aaaah, now it’s at least done!” And then this morning I got up and saw this.

And this.

The knitting is fine. The button placement is not. ALL three will have to go out and in again (I’ve checked, moving just one won’t do it). Well, at least it’s ONLY three. Or so I keep telling myself. But it’s definitely not DONE.


p.s. Have a good week, everyone!


garmentless buttons

It was 8 September when I told you the story of my adventures at the Braderie de Lille, which ended with a box full of some lovely buttons. It’s sad, my friends, that I’ve only managed to photograph the buttons four and a half months later, but better late than never, eh? So, without any further ado, here are the lovelies I snatched up from that box and bought for some ridiculously small amount of money (if I remember correctly, the vendor had even given me a further discount simply because I hadn’t had the exact change to pay him in coins…).

Mismatched, yet matching.

Art Deco…

Star Trek :D

Large red tones…

Three of a kind

And my favourite colour combination lately – green and blue!

Pulling them out again and setting them in front of my camera reminded me how much I had loved these in the first place. I really must knit some garments to go with them!

mitts for a lady

There’s just no going around it – Ysolda’s Veyla are a brilliant pattern and that’s it. I’ve made them several times by now – they are done quicker than expected, putting them together feels like magic and the finished objects lead the onlookers to ask one question and one question alone: “Can I have a pair too?” You have no idea how many people have asked me to knit them Veylas… I haven’t indulged them all. But some people are extra-knitworthy.

When Maja asked me to knit her a pair, I decided to savour every step of the process.

Over one Saturday morning coffee, I gave her my own pair of Veylas to wear for a while, to check if they fit, and to make sure that the yarn wasn’t making her too itchy. Then she showed me how much longer she wanted them, I made some measurements and we were done for the day.

At first I thought I’d just knit the cuff longer and that’d be it. I knit both lace cuffs. But after trying them on I realized they might be too tight on the bit of the arm where they would sit and changed my strategy. I ripped the bind-off on both cuffs and re-did them as per size L. I then picked up stitches as for size L, knit for about 7cm decreasing a stitch here and there to follow the curve of the arm, and finally, when I got to the stitch count for size S, I continued making the mitts as per pattern for that size until the very end. A detailed description of my mods with stitch and row counts is available on my project page. It might sound a bit fiddly, but I quite enjoyed ripping a bit here and there, calculating and adapting the pattern to give me exactly what I wanted to get.

I had found the perfect buttons even before finishing. Very early on I got the idea that the dark blue mitts would go wonderfully with white pearly buttons. Luckily I found just what I was looking for in a local yarn shop and I couldn’t have been happier.

In the end, because I found out rather suddenly that I would be leaving the country soon, I ended up with a bit of a time crunch for delivering these. I was still sewing in ends and blocking them a few hours before they would be delivered. And so it came to be that I sewed on the buttons while waiting to meet up with Maja on the busy main square of Zagreb in the early July 2011. I must have been a sight! I was so excited!

I got the photos a few months later. They were worth the wait – they reminded me that not only did I enjoy the making, but I also ended up with exactly what I had set out to do – make the most elegant pair of mitts imaginable for the biggest lady I know.

The amazing photos, again, generously, by Matea Lemac.


Photo taking was delayed yet again today, when I realized that my photography assistant (i.e. sister) had a morning exam and was out of the house even before I woke up, not to return well after nightfall. Which is really too bad, as we had wonderfully heavy snowfall today which would’ve given such an atmospheric backdrop to the photos of winter hats… Ah well. I’m using it as an opportunity to add more items to my FO list. I’ve added one since yesterday, so now there is a total of four finished hats. It will be one long photoshoot, I tell you. :)

I was also extremely pleased to find that my Mom’s stash of odd buttons contained the perfect match to one of my FOs.

At first I was thinking of black buttons for this. But when I found these, I quickly reconsidered. The yarn (the very special Berroco Ultra Alpaca, in Peat Mix if I’m not mistaken) is ever so slightly irregular in colour (there are whiffs of slightly lighter green here and there), and the buttons go from dark green to black in a way that also looks very unplanned and natural. They are a perfect match! And there were only two! Such luck. :)

Let’s hope it extends to the long-awaited photography session tomorrow… :)

button love

I don’t make too many things with buttons, but when I saw the lovelies that Hilde makes, I couldn’t resist snatching some up for myself and saving them for when that perfect knitted item comes along… I grabbed the last of these:

But there are plenty more adorable ones here, if you’re interested!


So in my crazy fit of energy I finally decided to share some of the blogs that make me happy and inspire me. If you look to your right (and slightly down), you should be able to see them!

Like these buttons by Buzzy Bee, each of the blogs is special and unique in its own way.

In them, you’ll find silly…

… and serious things.

But I guarantee you’ll enjoy them!

They’re not all in English, nor in languages that I speak, but words are not always the most important thing! :)

p.s. If you like these beauties as much as I do, clicking the photos should take you to their respective Etsy sites! :)