Etsy Labs: Just knitting

Last weekend was lovely: exciting and relaxing at the same time, one of those weekends when everything seems to come together effortlessly. Good food, good friends, good weather, good activities.

And the latter included one of the coolest crafty things I’ve been involved in for a while! Thanks to my wonderful friend Johanna, I managed to find out about and join the second ever Etsy Labs event in Belgium. Yes, that’s Etsy as in THE Etsy! With sponsorship by Etsy NL, with Etsy goodie bags and with real-life Etsy sellers :) Not to mention that photos from our event ended up ON Etsy! Stay still, my beating heart! :)

The goal of the meet-up was to teach some knitting and help the approximately 20 participants make little knitted pouches for their sunshades. The participants were a wonderful mix of crafters of all levels (from “professionals” who make their living from craft to total beginners), and everyone was open, warm and kind.

We had loads of fun and have been gushing all over facebook ever since about how we can’t wait for the next one! Knitting or not, you better believe nothing will be able to prevent me from coming! And if you are in the Brussels area, you can also stay updated about future events by joining the BXL Handmade group on facebook.

I’ll use this opportunity to thank those most ‘responsible’ for the whole thing: it was organised by the tireless Anna Denise and the lovely Emilie, and hosted generously in her awesome home by Raori. All their blogs are worth a visit and you can find loads more photos from the event on them.

All Photos © Anna Denise van der Reijden (