placebo crafting

I’ve had a crazy busy week with barely any time for crafting. The fact that most of my works in progress are in stages which really require time and attention doesn’t help. I’ve got sleeves to rip out and figure out a completely new (half-made-up) technique to rework them, I’ve got a neckband which created holes in an otherwise gorgeous vest that also needs to be redone, I’ve got stitches to be picked up on several projects, and so on… None of which I really feel like doing when I crash down on my sofa after spending the day at the computer translating or running around town for errands. So today, when I desperately needed a break, I came up with a quick ‘placebo’ crafting project, to tide me over this busy time.

I recently picked up some felt sheets at the craft store but didn’t really know what to do with them (apart from “try something with felt”). But then I saw this little tutorial. Exactly what I needed.

I used some embroidery thread which I had lying around (god knows why or how) and the needle I use for weaving in ends. Seriously, I didn’t even get up from my desk for this.

Please don’t mock my cutting skills. I’ll cry if you do.


It asked for a little button. How could I say no?

Phew, I have crafted. I feel alive again. :)

How’ve you been this week? :)