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I’ve only been knitting for about two years. Meaning, there is still plenty for me to aspire to. But when the topic came up of some particular pattern that I’ve never attempted because I don’t have the skill, I had to think hard. My custom is to acquire new skills in knitting as they come up in the pattern I’m currently working on. So, for example, if the sweater I’m working on requires short rows, or seaming, or grafting, I won’t practice it before. I’ll just tackle it when I come to that bit. I think the most commonly read comment on Ravelry goes something like this: “This was a great project, I learned so many new skills while doing it.” and it is certainly true for me. Learning while you go along with the project is great – because you’re learning and creating something at the same time. Ok, that something might not be perfect that first time, but chances are that it will look decent. And after it’s finished, you will possess two new things: a new sweater and a new skill. :)

That said, I’m terrified of socks! They seem to be very fiddly and require a bunch of little skills that I don’t possess yet! Patterns for them also contain lots of seemingly mystical words, like ‘turning a heel’ and ‘gusset’. I’ve been planning to make my first pair of socks for a while… But whenever it gets to it, I end up picking some other type of project.

I also think that I would just feel bad wearing something I put so much effort into on my feet, where it is bound to get ruined quickly. This doesn’t mean I don’t crave for knitting socks. It seems like the ultimate knitting experience… I even bought a book of wonderful and innovative sock patterns – Cookie A‘s Sock Innovation. It sits on my shelf, I take it into my hands and leaf through it every once in a while, feed on the images, one time I even read through one of the patterns, but then it goes safely back on the shelf. When I was buying the book, the sales lady told me straightforward that it was not one for sock beginners. But I had loved the patterns so much that I decided to buy it anyway.

I’ll get there some day.

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