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Most knitters have heard of Kate Davies. Her Owls pullover is, after all, one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry. You may remember that I recently made the child version of it for my niece’s birthday (hopefully I’ll be able to show you photos of her wearing it soon).

What I love about Kate, is, first of all, that she is not only a knitter. Her blog is equally enticing to fans of sewing, walking, designing, hiking, literature, beer, Scotland, the history of textiles (and knitting – so educational!), allotment gardening and photography. Despite my recent rant against people who want to do everything (or because of it), I love this about Kate. The thing is – she does it all amazingly well. In fact I’d say that she’s a bit of a professional in everything she does.

About her designs: They are playful yet flattering. Thematic and creative. Infallible, both in style and performance. Full of small thoughtful details.

About her knitting: She picks the most gorgeous patterns and gives them her own special signature. She chooses yarns special both for their quality and history. Her needlework, and especially finishing, is impeccable. My favorites are her simple sweaters which she made without a pattern.

About her other hobbies: She writes about them with endless enthusiasm, but is also realistic. She doesn’t hide the underside of allotment gardening, but she loves to share the rewards of it. She contemplates the best outfits for walking and complains about the fact that they are not suited for women. She shares glimpses of her academic work and she backs it all up with enchanting photography. When you read about the things she does, you will get a realistic look at both the good and not-so-good parts of it, an idea of why you should try it and of what you should consider before you try it. And inevitably, you will fall in love with it.

About Kate: She is quite private about her personal life and I respect that. She shares enough of her activities for us to feel perfectly happy! She recently suffered a stroke, but has carried on strong – I mention this because you are bound to come across it on her blog,  but keep in mind – it does not define her.

One day, when I am big, I would like to be a blogger like Kate. :)

All photos except for first one (which is mine) from Kate’s blog and linked back to it.