location, location, location

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Let’s say this loud and clear once and for all: I’m a public knitter and I love it! Knitting can be a pretty solitary activity, which I don’t mind, but I also love to be surrounded by other people when I knit, whether they are with me or just around me.  The only thing I don’t like, and this goes for all my activities including knitting, is doing things in short snippets of time. I don’t like taking out my needles if I have to put them away in 10 minutes, and the same goes for a book, a jog, or a telephone conversation.

Here’s the list of all the places where I’ve knit so far:

  • a fjord (definitely the most exotic location)
  • a mountain (after climbing, I kept motivating myself – another 20 minutes, then a knitting break ;)
  • cars (I thought I’d get motion sickness, but I was fine)
  • trains (ideal for long train-rides)
  • cafes (especially open-air ones)
  • park benches (obviously)
  • the grass (one of my favourites)
  • the beach (sand and wool are not the best combination)
  • the floor (you’d be surprized how often)
  • my bed (but not lying down)
  • armchairs (difficult with straight needles)
  • hotels (I don’t like hotels, I get terribly lonely in them, knitting helps)
  • a museum (one girl stopped watching the movie on the artist and stared at me for 20 minutes straight)
  • pubs (a totally British thing – luv it!)
  • a library (there is one library at my school where people go to sleep. I go to knit)
  • a yarn shop (skeins are always trying to sneakily jump into your lap and make you take them home with you)
  • a bookshop (probably the most magical bookshop I’ve ever been to)
  • at my desk (when I’m trying to figure out a technique from an online tutorial)

Interestingly, there aren’t many photos of me knitting, and in those that do exist – I’m usually frowning. I think that’s just my concentrated face… :) But, instead of that, you get a smile today (I’ve been waiting for an excuse to show off my new hairstyle ;)

Hugs all round! :)