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I knit it up in August 2009 in Oslo. I photographed it in September 2009 in Zagreb. I have been wearing it since October 2009 in London. It’s my favorite hat. We go places together.

We strike poses.

We visit museums.

And botanical gardens.

We celebrate together (happy 2010!)!

We visit new places (like Oxford).

And make friends. :)

And sometimes we even soak up the sun together (especially if one of us hasn’t washed her hair but needs to look presentable;)).

The pattern is Rose Red by Ysolda, made in DROPS Alpaca (amazing yarn, my absolute favorite). Though the pattern is partially lacey, it still offers great warmth in the winter, while also letting my head breathe on warmer days. And it’s just perfect for the rain – this hat has kept my head dry (I hate umbrellas!) for the last six months. It is gorgeous and works well both with fancy and casual styles. As for how it’s sustaining the frequent wear – I can barely see any difference in its appearance between July and now. I think this hat and I are gonna keep having adventures together for years to come… :)