malabrigo cloud

I’ve been sort of so-so the last few days, some general life concerns have been looming over me like dark clouds. Not to be defeated, though, I’ve been knitting my own cloud – a much brighter one!

What better material to knit a cloud than Malabrigo?

No storms here. Just gentle curves formed by the slight movements of the winds.

I’ll take this kind of cloud any day!

The thing has been flying off my needles, I think it’s going ten times faster than I expected it to! It’s basically just a lot of stockinette, with a cable row inserted here and there, so it’s perfect mindless speedy take-along-everywhere knitting. And being made out of Malabrigo, it’s quite difficult to put down. I think it’s only a matter of days before I have my cloud cowl to wear with me everywhere!

It’s actually folded here, so it’s about twice as long at the moment! I’m planning to make it long enough to wrap around my neck twice. (In other technical notes, the holes will be dealt with, I have a plan for that.)

Now, if you’ve just read my previous post, you might be thinking that I’ve been knitting very fast indeed (and possibly not sleeping) – but don’t fret, the photo I posted on Wednesday had been taken a few days earlier. It’s not that fast! :)

And if you feel over-bombarded with photos, sorry, I’m just loving this thing and all its different angles so much! And the weather’s been warm and sunny, allowing me to stay out a bit longer while taking my photos. Here’s a little photo-session out-take, just for fun… :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of white fluffy clouds! :)


who’s scared of provisional cast-on?

I was! I always used to modify patterns to avoid it: instead, I’d mattress stitch the ends together, or pick up stitches from a regular cast-on edge, whichever worked for the given pattern.

Until a few days ago. When, thanks to a note on one of Croline‘s projects, I found this method. It requires your regular project materials plus a little bit of scrap yarn and a crochet hook. Now, if you’re a regular reader here, you probably know that crochet and I don’t go so well together. Which means that this method is perfectly suitable to absolute crochet ignorants, like me. Because, within minutes of watching this video, I had myself a perfect little non-fussy provisional cast-on.

It doesn’t like to lie flat, but you can see the little start of a crochet chain in the top right corner, as well as how the cast-on (in pink) looks from the right and wrong side. I’m so thrilled with finding such an easy solution to my provisional cast-on troubles!

A good start to a little something I’m making for myself as part of Malabrigo March. :)