mousie goes for a walk and sends you season’s greetings

Remember way back when I knitted this toy mouse? I realised the other day that I never did get around to photographing him properly and showing him off! A lot has changed since I finished him – most notably I moved, and am now in a building which, at least for the moment, seems to be free of his flesh-and-blood relatives. I loved my old place, but so did, unfortunately, mice. Apparently the construction of the building was such that they could come and go as they pleased, and, as my last winter there was particularly cold, come they did. In the plural. There was a number of close encounters, and things got so bad that I eventually had to call in professionals. Luckily, that was just a few weeks before I was scheduled to move out anyway, so I could put the episode behind me fairly quickly (though I do still twitch at every unidentified sound). Now, a safe distance away in my new place, I am happy to display my knitted mousie once more.

And so last weekend I took him for a walk around the new neighbourhood…

He immediately checked out the best holes to hide in…

Tried to make some friends…

And complimented the neighbours’ Christmas decorations.

Happy holidays to everyone from Mousie and me!


Ok, so I’m willing to admit that whatzitknitz may have had a point when she said do I sense a love of fiddly toys starting ; ) two in a row is all I am saying. Though I still maintain that it is due to the fact that after the Fiddliest Fiddling Octopus, nothing can match the level of fiddliness, and thus many other toys seem super easy to make now.

And by many other, I mean, three in a row.

Yes, there may be something to it after all…

(In case anyone is wondering, it’s Mousie.)

two and a half legs to go…

…and I have already made five and a half vows that I will never ever ever knit this again.

And don’t even start with that “But it’s sooo cuuuuuteeee’ stuff like everyone else. Let me just explain to you that this involves making 8 tiny little heel turns, with short rows and picking up wraps and everything. Knitted in the round on 8 stitches. And changing colours too.

And yes, it has occurred to me that a rainbow octopus would be super cool. But no way. No. Someone else can do it. Shush now.

the slow-ctopus

Not a lot of knitting lately… The most I can manage is bits here and there, but luckily I’ve got just the thing for that.

The Socktopus pattern, available for free from Knitty, is small and fun. It is also fiddly and thus slow-going, but I’m beginning to accept that just comes with the territory of knitted toys.

I thought this would be fun to knit in leftovers of sock yarn (it is the SOCKtopus, after all), but I’m afraid the toy would come out tiny in that case. So I’m using my leftovers of worsted weight.

After Socktopus is all done and stuffed, I’ll be moving on to Flamingo, another free pattern my knitting group got very excited about recently, because our regular meeting place is a cafe of the same name. :) Are you knitting any toys lately?


The last time you saw Greta, she was in quite a state. And I’m afraid to say she stayed like that for quite a while… Until, finally, her princess in shining armour appeaered. A friend of a friend had a baby girl, and all of a sudden Greta was ready to be finished and sent off to France to meet Suzanne. (Ahhh, the deadline-induced productivity, you gotta love it…)

The pattern was very simple. Well, simple and quick to knit the various tiny pieces. But my gripe with it was that it offered basically no advice on putting the pieces together, or stitching the facial features. Basically it just said: look at the photo of my finished object and do that. As an inexperienced joiner-together, I would have appreciated some tips. Especially considering that the pieces you need to attach to the body (arms, ears, tail) are three-dimensional, and not that easy to figure out how to do correctly (as testified by poor Greta’s disfigured right ear). I’m not a terribly experienced embroiderer either, so Greta’s face gives off quite a sad expression, which was not really my aim. But I am proud that I didn’t use any buttons for the eyes (I was tempted, it would have been so much easier!), so this item is completely baby-safe. I hope Suzanne has lots of fun chewing on Greta any way she can think of. :)

Greta’s last promenade around Brussels before catching her ride to France… 




this bad blogger

This bad blogger has no good excuses for being late with announcing the winner of the giveaway, because no excuses are good enough for that. All this bad blogger has to say is that spring has hit Brussels, that friends have been to visit, and that the computer doesn’t stand a chance these days in the battle versus fresh air. Which is a good thing. Tonight this bad blogger is catching up on un-dealt-with mail, relaxing with some knitting, and cooking up all perishables in the fridge in preparation for a 10-day trip hooooooome :) Which is an even better thing. And not just for this bad blogger, but also for you, dear winner of giveaway, chosen by the Holy Random Number Generator, who went with the number 3 this time around.

So, congratulations, dozenoaks! Please get in touch via Ravelry (my username is fridica), let me know your username and which pattern you’d like to receive, and we’ll get this thing rolling! :)

Everyone else, thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences of early knitting. I wish there were stories like these to be read every day! It’s so great to share this wonderful world with you, thank you for the companionship along the way :)

And before I shut down the computer again, here is a photo of my latest project… Most definitely in progress! ;)