It seems that Worldwide Knit in Public Day moved to June 11th this year, but I couldn’t make it yesterday so I stuck to the date I originally learned as WWKIP Day – June 12th. I had my little celebration in a public park today. Here’s the evidence. :)

If you squint and look in the top right-hand corner you can see the people, i.e. the Public. :)

I sat and knit on my Kai-Mei sock in a little peaceful section where several other people were sitting and reading. We were just within earshot of a big celebration of the culture of former Soviet republics, which provided a cheerful soundtrack. And after I fulfilled my “duty” of knitting in public, it also provided an opportunity to practice my Russian a bit, as well as some yummy Georgian specialties to try… All in all, a pretty good WWKIP Day! :)

What did you do?


Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Today, I celebrated Worldwide Knit in Public Day. It was the perfect day for it as well – the temperature was just perfect for sitting on the grass and relaxing with some knitting! I joined an event in Kensington Gardens, which is as of today my favorite London park. We certainly weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the weather – there were many people reading, playing with ducks and swans, photographing squirrels, sleeping and playing football against the backdrop of this magnificent park…

But we were there to knit! And knit we did. The time went by so fast, I was shocked when I realized it was already 15 minutes past the time when the event was supposed to end!

Since we were sitting right next to one of the main attractions of the park – the Peter Pan statue, there were lots of tourists coming by, throwing us interested glances and even taking photos of us. Well that was the whole point, wasn’t it? To spread the word about knitting! :)

There was lots of chit-chat, sharing and comparing.

I realized I’m not the only one making super-concentrated faces when I’m knitting!

Some people came very well equipped.

While others made do with the grass alone.

There were even raffle prizes to be won!

And I was just super happy to be there! It was only the second time I celebrated Worldwide Knit in Public Day, and the first time I did so in the company of other knitters.

I hope every June 12th looks like this from now on… :) Thanks, knitting buddies. :)

And what did you do? :)