four years and still counting stitches…

What a great anniversary I am celebrating today, my friends! It has been four years, to the day, since I cast on and knitted my first stitch. Wow. How do I know it so accurately, you might ask? Well, pure luck, as that fated day when I first picked up the needles happened to be an Easter Sunday, and was therefore easy to trace back when I realised, a bit later on, what an important role knitting was going to have in my life.

I hadn’t suspected any of it on that slow Sunday. To be honest, I was just bored, like one generally is on most Easter Sunday afternoons, when the whole world (or rather, my whole world) quiets down in order to nurse its overfilled stomach. In addition, I had recently finally completed my undergrad studies (after several years of struggling with parallel full-time work and studying) and was enjoying discovering again what it meant to have free time after coming home from work. Free time that, if I had only known, would soon be completely overtaken by strange things called ‘knits’, ‘purls’, ‘yarnovers’, and lots and lots of counting under my breath.

Today, four years later, I knit avidly almost every day.

Today, four years later, I write a blog about knitting.

Today, four years later, I am pretty damn skillful with my needles.

Today, four years later, I co-organise a social knitting group in a foreign country.

Today, four years later, when I introduce myself to someone new, one of the first things I say is: I’m a knitter.

So, in retrospect, that slow Easter Sunday was definitely one of the best things that has ever happened to me. :)

In order to celebrate this special day, I’d like to offer you a little giveaway. I will shamelessly steal an idea I once saw on another blog: as the prize, I will offer the winner any pattern that can be purchased on Ravelry, of their own choice. To enter, simply comment on this post, and if you remember, tell me about the day you started knitting. It’s one entry per person, and you have until the end of the day on March 30th. I’ll select the winner by random number draw and announce who it is on March 31st.

Happy weekend to all! :)

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About fridica

I started knitting completely by accident, when I was visiting my parents for a holiday in 2008. On a boring Sunday afternoon, I decided to dig through their stash of books to see if there was anything interesting to take back to my apartment. A knitting manual happened to be one of the books I found. I got curious, my mom immediately dug out her old needles and yarn stash (which she hadn’t used in a decade at least), and in a few minutes we were both casting on - she by memory, I by following the instructions from the book… :) Since I normally prefer learning from books, this was ideal.. I took the book home with me, and very very soon - I was an addict.

26 thoughts on “four years and still counting stitches…

  1. I received a Learn-To-Knit kit for Christmas in 2007 or 2008. I used it and tutorials on YouTube to learn the knit stitch. I knitted a 2×3 inch section then gave up. I took a knitting class in November 2011. Since then I’ve knitted 5 scarves and a shawl, all with varying complex designs. I’ve really been enjoying it.

  2. I started knitting in 2008, in October. I began a looooong scarf in a blue bulky yarn in garter stitch, with 2 straight needles. I was very proud and astonished when i saw i could knit, because i am not good at painting, or other crafts. For me it was amazing to see a knitted fabric made by me. Since then, i enjoy knitting, almost every day, at my coffee time before getting to work, just 5 or 10 minutes, but enough.

  3. Congrats on your knitting anniversary! I was taught to knit when I was 7 or 8 by my Mum. I liked making things so I guess it was a natural thing to pass on – she taught my sister too. I especially remember knitting at my Granny’s house because it was a quiet house and knitting satisfied my making desires whilst keeping me quiet and occupied quite happily for hours on end!

  4. It’s kind of sad, but I don’t really remember the first time I started knitting. I mean, I know I took a class once and my grandmother taught me once, but nothing really came of those two times. Thanks for the give-away- it’s such a cool ideas!

  5. Happy 4 year anniversary! I started knitting around April 2009. There was an Arts & Crafts Skills Day organised by my local Women’s Arts Association group. I tried papermaking, nuno felting and knitting! I remember the teacher cast on my first few stitches for me, then showed me the steps to knit.

    I supplemented that with another freebie beginner session at another event, plus YouTube videos and books from the library. Then I was away! Huzzah!

    Thanks for a cool giveaway. :-)

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary! My first day is lost somewhere in my childhood so I don’t really remember it but what I do remember is staying with my grandparents in the countryside and knitting (or trying to) with my granny, sitting next to the stove on a winter evening. Idyllic, isn’t it?

  7. Congratulations Fridrica! I began my life as a knitter on the 1st september 2007. Each year, I celebrate and treat me with yarn! :)
    Happy Knitversary!

  8. I was working on a cross stitch magazine, and working for the mag at a craft show one weekend. I was chatting to the editor of our knitting magazine, and said about how much I’d like to learn to knit, but it terrified me. She taught me to cast on, and the knit stitch, then I wandered round the show and bought a kit for a scarf, in Colinette Firecracker yarn.

    I would guess at it being around September 2006. I didn’t get hugely into knitting until I discovered socks though! That was late 2008/early 2009, after my son was born.

  9. I think I must have tried it out a couple of times in my childhood, but it never really stuck, but I remember the day when it finally did and I became “a knitter”. I was 10 years old and it must have been the rainiest day of the summer of 1994. My mum and I were about to board the boat to Norway for our summer vacation when the car broke down. While waiting for the car service, I think my mum faced the possibility that this terrible rain might last throughout the entire vacation so she ran to the LYS in Hirtshals, which happened to be not far from the ferry and bought yarn for a sweater for me. Classic, plain wool, 3 blue shades, one turquoise green, and one pink, and started me off on a garter stitch sweater with stripes (the blue ones were 6 rows tall and ordered by how light the blue was and then interrupted by alternating pink and green stripes which were 12 rows tall – yes, I still remember even though I haven’t had the sweater in my possession for many years now), because with stripes you always have the incentive to knit one more… And that was the beginning of it all.

  10. Happy 4th knitting anniversary! It is always nice to visit here! Based on pictures I took of the first pull I knitted, it would be around February 2006 that I started knitting again (because I learned it when I was a kid and took a class in high school but I did not hang to it back then)! Before Ravelry! My blog though is 3 years old! Thank you for the giveway! I also stole that idea from someone else’s blog… ;-)

  11. i have been knitting since i was about eight – I think. It seems like i have always done it but never more seriously than about 4 years ago when i joined Ravelry. i think I have learned more in this time than in the rest of my life.

    Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary – I always think you have something interesting to say – and I hope I win cos I would love the pattern for the lovely gloves you did a while ago.

  12. Congratulations! I don’t remember when I started knitting, but it was some time in high school. I remember spending lazy winter Sunday afternoons with my best friend knitting and talking about boys and all other things that teenagers talk about, laughing and having a great time.

  13. Happy anniversary! Yay, a giveaway!!!! Thanks!
    I don’t know the exact day when I became a knitter, it was a long long time ago, before I went to kindergarten… But I remember that my grandma gave me a red yarn and that a few times she had to cut off my whatever-I-was-knitting from the needle because I squeezed the stitches so tight (I’m still a tight knitter).

  14. Happy anniversary from me, too :)
    Oh, my first stitch….. hard to say when, but I remember everything else.
    Maybe in some 1980, in winter, with my mom…. Large needles, thick tender white wool…

  15. Happy knitting aniversary. It is fun to know exactly when such an addiction started. I started knitting in the Christmas holiday of 2004, when I asked my mother for another pair of handknit socks, to which she replied “no, but I’ll teach you how to knit a pair for yourself”. I knit socks for the first many projects and actually, the first ever pair of socks are still going strong and much loved!

  16. Congrats on four years of knitting!

    I was in high school when I learned to knit. There wasn’t a particular reason I wanted to learn. I just had an urge. I didn’t know anyone who actively knit, so I bought Knitting For Dummies and taught myself. My father, who had knit in his youth, was able help explain the bit about the yarn going through the loop on the needle since the book’s diagram wasn’t terribly helpful. I remember knitting an entire ball of chunky weight yarn up into a knitted/purled scarf. There wasn’t anyone there to tell me that purling was too hard. I never really stopped knitting. And I never figured out that anything was too hard to knit. (My second project was a hat)

  17. I don’t really remember the day, because I was about 5 or 6 years old. What I remember is to look at one of my first knitted rows I seeing a thread in the back of the work… well you guessed… I wasn’t doing it right.

    Happy Knittingsary!!!

  18. I am impressed with the skill you have mastered in just four short years.

    The very first time I learned how to cast on and knit a little was with my grandmother probably 30 years ago. I had completely forgotten about it, until I was reading a knitting/mystery series by Maggie Sefton. Reading her books made me interested in knitting, so I ordered a DVD that taught me how to knit last May. I have been loving it ever since.

  19. What a generous giveaway! I started knitting last year during a rather cold, dull January with a ‘learn to knit in three hours’ class. I was hooked. It’s since become such an important and fulfilling part of my life – both as a creative hobby, a source of personal satisfaction, a way to get to know other knitters (online and off!) and a way to share special gifts with dear ones.

  20. happy knit-aversary! i remember exactly when i started – on my 21st birthday (gulp – over 10 years ago), my boyfriend of the time gave me yarn & needles & a book aimed to teaching 9 to 12 year olds to knit. (i had expressed interested in learning to him.) i taught myself and spent about 8 years knitting plain old scarves…now i have made myself a “master” (kinda), conquering sweaters and lace and mittens and scarves.

  21. Happy anniversary!

    I wish I know when I started knitting. I think I was in the first grades of elementary school. Meaning in the late ’80s or early ’90s. First things I made were some clothes for my Barbie doll. But I have to say that for many years I stopped knitting, and I started again about 8 years ago. Discovering was a big thing in my knitting life. Since that moment my knitting skills have developed exponentially and I’ve met so many great women. As times goes by, I’ve realized that the more I know, I’m more aware of how much I still have to/can learn.

  22. I’m a guy in his late 50s who started knitting in about 2006. During World War II my father learned to knit while in a German POW camp, and I started as sort of a way to honor him. I don’t knit anything too elaborate, mainly scarves and shawls, and donate almost everything I knit to various charities. It might be fun to knit more delicate or intricate items, but my fingers are large and getting a bit stiff, so anything under a size 8 needle doesn’t work well for me. Mainly I use size 11 needles.

    Being a guy who knits, in public no less, gets some interesting reactions.

  23. I remember my grandmother teaching me to cast on when I was really little, maybe 3 years old. To this day I can’t explain to anyone how to cast on, my fingers do it by themselves. My mother showed me the rest some time in 2004.
    Happy anniversary, you’ve done amazing work in these 4 years!

  24. Happy knittyversary! I don’t exactly remember the day but I do know that I started in 2002. I would not say that I’ve learned in 2002 because I am still learning…I’ve stopped for a couple of years and I got back fast and furiously in 2011.

    Love your giveaway and the prize. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers to many more knitting years / anniversaries.

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