I went to the yarn shop yesterday. And I treated myself. I could tell you all the reasons why I deserved a treat (and they would be true), but I don’t want to. I think the blogging world tends to justify itself and its yarn purchases far too often. We all seem to have fallen into this strange cycle of having to deserve the things we enjoy, or at least having to prove to others (and ourselves) that we do.

Well I’m not playing that game anymore! I wanted some treats. And I always deserve treats. Let’s all say it together… Because I’m worth it… ;)))

And now let me tell you about my treats. First off, I’ve been wanting to try some Malabrigo Sock yarn. Being a new sock knitter and all, and agreeing with Playful that Malabrigo is made out of buttered kittens, how could I not… I did look for it online, but any shade I was drawn to seemed to have been sold out. At the yarn shop there wasn’t a huge selection of colours, and I dithered around a few wondering if I really liked them, when this little thing popped out from the back.

Blue has totally been my colour for the last year or so (Do you go through these colour phases too? Mine seem to last forever…), so I was a bit cautious at first that I was just going for blue as usual. But then I saw the name of this colourway: Impressionist Sky. Something clicked in my head. Yes! I am a huuuuuge fan of the impressionists, when I lived in London I used to go to the Tate and just stare at the big Monet canvas forever… And as I read the name of this colourway, I could practically see it spilling over that canvas and filling in the sky colours. In my humble opinion it is spot on. There was not much dithering after that. (And the reason the skein is so messy is because me and my house-mates couldn’t stop playing with it :)

Second up is a colour I pretty much had on my mind on my way to the yarn shop. I wanted terracota red/orange for at least one pair of socks and I was delighted to find the perfect shade.

Even better, it’s a yarn I’ve been wanting to try out – La Droguerie Surnaturelle. It’s a fingering weight and seems perfect for socks, though strangely there is only one sock project made out of it on Ravelry. This is making me think that I’m missing something about this yarn, but I guess I’ll just try and see. The yardage is a bit on the skimpy side in comparison to the Malabrigo (383 vs. 440 yards) and the shop owner did not seem terribly optimistic about the idea of getting a pair of socks out of one skein, but I’m determined to prove her wrong.

She had many many shades of this yarn and once I had it in my hands it was hard to limit myself to only one. This one also called to me. And it was treats day! ;)

As you can tell, all my choices were very vivid colours. It’s not by accident. I’ve found that when looking at projects on Ravelry I tend to fall in love with those made out of vividly-coloured yarns, but when I am at the yarn shop I gravitate towards pastels. I am determined to change that a bit, thus all these wonderful strong tones.

And when I put the latter two together in the bag, I realised they don’t even look half bad next to each other! I did not buy them with the intention of combining them, but perhaps they’re telling me something…  :)

All in all – great day, great treats, great projects cooking up in my mind… :) Tell me, which one do you like best? And are you inspired to go treat yourself? ;)

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About fridica

I started knitting completely by accident, when I was visiting my parents for a holiday in 2008. On a boring Sunday afternoon, I decided to dig through their stash of books to see if there was anything interesting to take back to my apartment. A knitting manual happened to be one of the books I found. I got curious, my mom immediately dug out her old needles and yarn stash (which she hadn’t used in a decade at least), and in a few minutes we were both casting on - she by memory, I by following the instructions from the book… :) Since I normally prefer learning from books, this was ideal.. I took the book home with me, and very very soon - I was an addict.

33 thoughts on “treats

  1. Great treats! My red phase is lifelong, and my blue-purple and grey phases has lasted for at least some years now, so you’re not alone on long colour phases :)
    Maybe it’s because the La Droguerie Surnaturelle has less twist than the Malabrigo Sock that fewer people have used it for sock projects. Generally, sock yarns that don’t contain nylon have high twist to prevent them from wearing out after no so many times of use. I would just go for it, though. Just remember to knit tightly (on smaller needles) – that helps, too.

  2. Hahaha buttered kittens! SO true :)

    Also Impressionist Sky looks SO nummy! I spent ages trying to decide between that and Ochre when I was picking yarn for my Damask shawl. I might just have to get that one too!

  3. I’m in a blue phase right now too! And I really love the colour of your newly-acquired yarn, but the name makes it extra special. :)

    I definitely want to treat myself, but I still have to finish these knee socks for my best friend and I can’t get distracted from that.

    • Oooh knee socks. I don’t have the courage to try them yet (scared I wouldn’t finish :P), though I am constantly drooling over them on Rav…

  4. Bravo, zasluzila si :)
    Jedno po jedno klupo – planina … Uh, ne – mnogo prediva :) – sto znaci, mnogo kombinacija.
    A sve si ovo kupila online, ili ja nisam nesto dobro razumela ?

  5. I can’t resist anything red or–somewhat oddly for me–pink lately so I totally understand your thing with the blue. I must add, however, that I think even the blue haters out there might still go for Impressionist Sky. It’s just one of those perfect colors. I bet that yarn will be one of those treats that keeps on giving as you knit with it and wear it. Enjoy it!

    • I agree! Speaking of reds, have you seen Malabrigo’s Ravelry Red? They had it at the shop as well, but I wasn’t completely sure about it…

      • I have always ended up being sucked in by the slightly orangey Sealing Wax color instead of Ravelry Red. The reds are nice, but I think you can never go wrong with blue. :-)

  6. You are so right – if you want to treat yourself go ahead, with no justification ( which is sooooo boring) ………….. lovely colours.

  7. Ooh, all three colours are lovely :) I always go for purple (see avatar!) for projects, even though I like all sorts of bold, vivid colours. Guess I just feel comfortable in a berry-purple shade! :S

  8. You could always do the toes and heels in a different color if you are nervous about not having enough yarn. Orange socks with purple toes and heels would be lovely. Maybe purple cuffs too.

    I don’t treat myself too often. But it isn’t because I don’t feel I deserve it. I usually have such a strong idea of what kind of yarn I want to match a project that I find random purchases go unused. Although… every once in a while I find a skein I can’t pass up.

  9. I love Malabrigo and agree with the “buttered kittens” analogy! You picked fabulous colors, so rich and luxurious. As for treating myself, I rarely hesitate when it comes to beautiful yarns. After all, as knitters, those yarn treats become something we wear or gift and the knitting itself can be creative therapy!!

  10. You’re right, so often I find myself thinking “should I really get this, it’s not as if I need it, but I sure want it”… However, it’s easier sometimes to relax and say that I’m worth the occasional pampering ;)

    Your treats look wonderful… and yes, I go through colour phases as well ;)

  11. It’s a beautiful blue! Malabrigo sock yarn is great for shawls, but not sure about using them for socks. I’ve heard it’s not that great for it. I do have a pair I’m working on (it’s been in hybernation for a LONG time), so I guess I’ll find out for myself.

    And you can TOTALLY get a pair of socks out of 383 yards. Don’t know what the lady at the shop is thinking… I usually use around 350 yards or so and my feet are not small. Looking forward to seeing your FO’s from these lovelies. :)

    • There were a few more things I disagreed with her about… Like the fact that she wound the two Droguerie yarns for me, but wouldn’t do it for the Malabrigo. I didn’t really get that. She said it as if it was some normal rule, so I didn’t really feel like challenging her and getting into a dispute… But as I see it I bought both in her shop, and not to say that the Malabrigo was almost more expensive than the other two skeins combined, so I really don’t understand. Anyway, glad to hear from experts that this should be enough yarn! :)

  12. Lovely yarn…and I never justify my yarn purchases…I just buy because I like or want it…although my husband is now calling my stash “my retirement fund,” for when I don’t have as much money to spend….might be stopping at another LYS tomorrow…

  13. I agree that we shouldn’t have to justify our treats, but at the moment even if I’m worth it, I don’t have the money for anything besides food and rent, until I get a job! I definitely agree that if you have the money for it you really shouldn’t need to justify what you spend it on. You’re worth it. :)

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